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This works similar to the magic word {{NAMESPACE}}, which returns the name of whatever namespace it's on (hence it says 'template' right now). All this does is assign new names to those values to make them a little easier to use in template messages.

This table compares the magic word to this template showing what each would display if in those namespaces.

Location {{NAMESPACE}} {{namespace}}
Main space (nothing) gallery
Commons: pages Commons project page
File: pages File media file
User: pages User user page
Categories Category category
Templates Template template
System messages MediaWiki system message
Any talk page Talk, User talk, Commons talk, File talk... talk page

All other pages are rendered as "page".

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Note on localization

As templates like these are used directly within translations themselves, it would not make sense to have this autotranslate (the messages they are used in should be). Thus, when creating localized versions, you may use any names that are appropriate in your language (but please link them or categorize them with this template to help translators find them). In some languages, it may be appropriate to create additional/alternative forms of these functional templates. For example, {{Namespace/fi}}, {{Namespacepar/fi}}, and {{Namespacepluralgen/fi}} instead of the two in English.