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Notice This template is intended for User talk pages. For the category header version of this template, please see Template:Commons nudity (which is a 1-sentence version and supports multiple languages)
Warning Use the following code to add this message to user talk pages: {{subst:Nobreasts}}

This applies a hard-coded version of the template to the user's talk page, which will not change with future edits (or vandalism) to this template.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Commons, a not-for-profit media repository with the primary scope of providing educational and informative images and media. Submissions that are low-quality, do not fall into Commons' scope, or are self-promotional vanity images may be subject to deletion.

One or more of your recent contributions has been identified as a user-created photograph of breasts. This has been identified by another Commons user as a possible vanity image not in Commons' scope. If you are interested in recreational sharing of self-pictures, you may wish to check out another service such as Flickr.

If you have objections to the proposed deletion of your image(s), please see the links to the relevant deletion discussion(s) (listed above or below this message box).

This message is not intended to be taken personally.

Thank you for your understanding, and have a nice day. :-)