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Lunner church, ornament 3.jpg This reproduction of a work of art by {{{1}}} is released according to cc-by-sa-2.5. The author or creator of the original work has expicitly stated to the uploader that any use of that version shall follow the Berne convention in all respects, as interpreted in Norwegian (Paris ver), English and French.
Note the following exempts for the digital reproduction

Except from this are any use of the uploaded digital reproduction with the same or lower resolution, in which cases the original author explicitly states that

  1. the digital source can be altered according to the given license without written prior authorizing of adaptations, arrangements and other alterations of the works
  2. both the uploaded digital reproduction and any altered source can be used without regard to the limits of the free use only for quotations, illustrative purposes or teaching
  3. credits for the original work shall follow the rules given in the Berne convention and credits for the digital reproduction shall follow the rules given in the license; if this indicates that the author or creator should be mentioned then they should be credited according to good practice in the immediate vicinity of the image

Note that this applies to the uploaded version of the reproduction immediatly preceding this notice or uploaded at the same time.

Access to alternate versions

Higher resolutions or an original, possibly with other licenses, can be requested from the author or creator noted at the top.