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Possibly copyrighted in the U.S. This work, currently tagged {{PD-old}}, {{PD-old-70}}, {{PD-old-75}}, or {{PD-old-80}} and first published in the United States, may not be in the public domain. Works published in the US between 1923 and 1977 can be copyrighted for 95 years from the date of publication, regardless of how long the author lived. Unless one of the following tags is applied, the file will be deleted:
  • {{PD-1923}}: The work was first published before 1923.
  • {{PD-US-no notice}}: The work was published before 1978, and did not include a copyright notice.
  • {{PD-US-not renewed}}: The work was published 1923-1963 and its copyright registration was not renewed.
  • {{PD-US-1978-89}}: The work was published 1978-1989 without a copyright notice, and was not registered within five years.

This tag places works in the category Category:Works possibly copyrighted in the U.S..

Note: When deleting files bearing this tag, please add the file to the correct undeletion category under Category:Undeletion requests by taking the year of publication and adding 96.