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This template is to be used on a category page which has been transcluded onto other pages. Unlike templates, users may not expect a category page to be transcluded, so placing this template onto the transcluded page indicates to others that altering this page may have knock-on effects on other pages.

A common use-case is for species categories such as Category:Ailuropoda melanoleuca which contain taxonomic information which can usefully be used in subcategories (e.g. Category:Videos_of_Ailuropoda_melanoleuca). Rather than repeating the taxonomic information, you can simply place {{Category:Ailuropoda melanoleuca}} on each of these subcategory pages. On the original page, you should

  1. Make sure that any categories are surrounded by <noinclude></noinclude> tags
  2. Use this template to indicate to other editors what you have done. You can do this either by placing {{NoteTransclusion|Category:Ailuropoda melanoleuca}} on the page Category:Ailuropoda melanoleuca, or as a shorttcut use {{subst:NoteTransclusion/subst}} which will automatically fill in the category name for you.