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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Ordinal/doc.

This template will add the appropriate ordinal suffix to a given integer.

{{Ordinal|101}}, for example, produces 101st.

In English version, for an integer ending in 2 or 3 (except for integers ending in 12 or 13), the ordinal suffix will be -nd and -rd, respectively.


{{Ordinal |1= |debug= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 positive integer number empty optional
style Presentation style. Different options for different languages:
  • In English there is "style=d" adding -d suffixes to all numbers. Used in the legal field (e.g. 3d or 22d) .
{{Ordinal|101|lang=en|style=d}}, for example, produces 101d.
  • In French you can use "style=roman" to display the number (in 1–5,000,000 range) as roman numeral.
{{Ordinal|21|lang=fr}}, for example, produces 21e while {{Ordinal|21|lang=fr|style=roman}} produces XXIe.
empty optional
gender Gender affects ordinal indicators in several languages, including French and Polish. Genders: m for male, f for female and n for neuter. empty optional
lang language code of the language in which to display the ordinal number, e.g. en for English, de for German, etc. {{int:Lang}} optional
nosup Set nosup=y to display the ordinals without superscript for links and category names. E.g. 101st instead of 101st. empty optional
debug empty optional

Additional information

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Code Result
{{Ordinal|101}} 101st
{{Ordinal|102}} 102nd
{{Ordinal|103}} 103rd
{{Ordinal|104}} 104th
{{Ordinal|1|lang=en}} 1st
{{Ordinal|1|lang=en|style=d}} 1d
{{Ordinal|3|lang=pl}} 103-ci
{{Ordinal|21|lang=fr}} 21e
{{Ordinal|21|lang=fr|style=roman}} XXIe
{{Ordinal|1|lang=de}} 1.
{{Ordinal|87|lang=es|gender=f}} 87.a
{{Ordinal|87|lang=es|gender=f|nosup=y}} 87a