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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Original upload log box/doc.

This template is used on files transferred from other wikis. It uses also the template {{Original upload log}} as header and creates a box which shows the information about the original upload of the file on its home project.


{{Original upload log box | 1 = | 2 = | 3 = | 4 = | 5 = | 6 =}}


Once manually migrated a file from a given wiki, it is useful to create a box with the original upload information. See as example Roma Vallerano via Marilyn Monroe inaugurazione.jpg


Parameter Description Required or optional?
1 Copy the original date and time and paste them here Required
2 Copy the original dimensions of the media and its file size and paste them here Required
3 Write here the code of the wiki where the file comes from Required
4 Insert here the original uploader's username Required
5 Copy the original comments paste them here Required
6 The original file name Required