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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Original uploader/doc.

Usage examples
Input Result
{{Original uploader|Example|3=it}} The original uploader was Example at Italian Wikimedia Commons
{{Original uploader|Brion|c|en}} The original uploader was Brion at English Wikimedia Commons
{{Original uploader|AzaToth|c}} The original uploader was AzaToth at Wikimedia Commons
{{Original uploader|Jimbo Wales|w}} The original uploader was Jimbo Wales at Wikipedia
{{Original uploader|Rillke|w|de}} The original uploader was Rillke at German Wikipedia
The first example intentionally shows an erroneous result, the second is also wrong, but works for en.

LangSwitch wrapper for "The original uploader was {{User at project|{{{1|}}} |{{{2|}}} |{{{3|}}} }}"

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
user 1 user wiki-user-name empty empty required
project 2 Interwiki prefix without colon / language string empty empty required
language 3 Language code without colon for localized projects string empty empty optional