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Provide a thumbnail for an image (for usage in the Other field=)


{{Other |1= |2= |3= |suppress= }}

Template parameters

1picturePicture filename what's the other version (excluding "File:").emptyrequired
2descriptionOptional description of the picture.emptyoptional
3sizeOptional thumbnail-size of the image (pixel-size: numeric value).emptyoptional
suppressoptionTo suppress filename display, enter value “yes”:
suppress=yes. It will not work with other values.

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: no user group specified


{{Other|Example.svg|example description with or without filename suppressing|suppress=yes}}

renders as:

example 1: description with filename, here Example.svg
Code for example 1: {{Other |Example.svg |example 1: description with filename, here}}
example 2 with para­meter suppress=yes, no filename in descrip­tion
Code for example 2: {{Other |1=Example.svg |2=example 2 with para&shy;meter <code>suppress=yes</code>, no filename in descrip&shy;tion |suppress=yes}}
Code for example 3: simple {{F|Example.svg|description for ex. 3|G}}

See also

  • {{Other2}} – for 2 files
  • {{Other3}} – for 3 files
  • {{F}} – for inline display (with many options)
  • {{File|…}} – displays up to 10 files: {{ Filefilename 1filename 2filename 3 }} with possibly other display name
  • {{Other version}} – for an unlimited number of files; has also a gallery option
  • see more templates at that category


This template is not intended to be localized.