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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Other date/doc.

This template allows translation (localization) of many non-trivial phrases related to date description. This template has similar but more limited capabilities as {{Complex date}}. Please use {{Complex date}} instead of nesting {{Other date}} templates (calling {{Other date}} with inputs being other {{Other date}} templates).

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:Pages using Complex date template with incorrect parameter (when errors are detected)


{{Other date |1= |2= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 type of date notation. See examples below for list of allowed options. Pages using incorrect option will be added to Category:Pages using Complex date template with incorrect parameter. empty required
2 a date in ISO 8601 format "YYYY-MM-DD", or "YYYY-MM", or "YYYY", e.g. "2006-01-15" for "15 January 2006" or a number for centuries and millennia. empty required
3 depends on {{{1}}}. If used than it is a date in ISO 8601 format. See Parameter #2 for details empty optional
era Era: empty optional
lang language code (only needs to be provided if the language shall be fixed and independent of the user's preferences) language code of the user language optional

Additional information

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Relies on:
module:Complex date

See also

Translations at module:i18n/complex date


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date notations with two dates

{{{1}}} parameter Example Code Output
{{other date|-|1999|2000}}
{{other date|-|1999-01|2000-02}}
{{other date|-|1999-01-01|2000-02-01}}

from 1999 until 2000
from January 1999 until February 2000
from 1 January 1999 until 1 February 2000

? {{other date|?|1800|1825}}

Unknown date[1]

between {{other date|between|1999|2000}}
{{other date|between|1999-02|2000-03}}
{{other date|between|1999-02-01|2000-03-01}}

between 1999 and 2000
between February 1999 and March 2000
between 1 February 1999 and 1 March 2000

{{other date|~|1999|2000}}
{{other date|ca|1999-05|2000-06}}
{{other date|circa|1999-05-01|2000-06-1}}

between circa 1999 and circa 2000
between circa May 1999 and circa June 2000
between circa 1 May 1999 and circa 1 June 2000

or {{other date|or|1999|2000}}
{{other date|or|1999-06|2000-07}}
{{other date|or|1999-06-01|2000-07-1}}

1999 or 2000
June 1999 or July 2000
1 June 1999 or 1 July 2000

{{other date|&|1999|2000}}
{{other date|and|1999-06|2000-07}}
{{other date|and|1999-06-01|2000-07-01}}

1999 and 2000
June 1999 and July 2000
1 June 1999 and 1 July 2000

Julian {{other date|Julian|1865-01-19|1865-01-07}}

19 January 1865 (7 January 1865 in Julian calendar)

Islamic {{other date|islamic|1486|892}}
{{other date|islamic|1486}}
1486 AD (Hijri历892)
1486 AD (Hijri历891)
era parameter {{other date|or|985|986|era=BC}}

985 or 986 BC

date notations with single date

Date notations with single date can use the second date for era, like BC or AD.

{{{1}}} parameter Example Code Output Example Code with era Output with era
{{other date|<|2000}}
{{other date|b|2000-03}}
{{other date|before|2000-03-01}}
before 2000
before March 2000
before 1 March 2000
{{other date|<|99|era=BC}} before 99 BC
{{other date|>|1999}}
{{other date|a|1999-04}}
{{other date|after|1999-04-01}}
after 1999
after April 1999
after 1 April 1999
{{other date|>|99|era=BC}} after 99 BC
by {{other date|by|1999}}
{{other date|by|1999-04}}
{{other date|by|1999-04-01}}
by 1999
by April 1999
by 1 April 1999
{{other date|by|99|era=BC}} by 99 BC
from {{other date|from|1999}}
{{other date|from|1999-04}}
{{other date|from|1999-04-01}}
from 1999
from April 1999
from 1 April 1999
{{other date|from|99|era=BC}} from 99 BC
until {{other date|until|1999}}
{{other date|until|1999-04}}
{{other date|until|1999-04-01}}
until 1999
until April 1999
until 1 April 1999
{{other date|until|99|era=BC}} until 99 BC
{{other date|~|1999}}
{{other date|ca|1999-05}}
{{other date|circa|1999-05-01}}
circa 1999
circa May 1999
circa 1 May 1999
{{other date|~|99|era=BC}} circa 99 BC
{{other date|s|1960}}
{{other date|decade|1800}}
{{other date|s|960|era=BCE}} 960s BC
century {{other date|century|1}}
{{other date|century|20}}
1st century
20th century
{{other date|century|1|era=BC}} 1st century BC
millennium {{other date|millennium|1}} 1st millennium {{other date|millennium|2|era=BC}} 2nd millennium BC
turn of the decade {{other date|turn of the decade|1920}}
{{other date|turn of the decade|1800}}
late 1910s and early 1920s
late 1790s and early 1800s
{{other date|turn of the decade|920|era=BC}} late 920s and early 910s BC
turn of the century {{other date|turn of the century|2}}
{{other date|turn of the century|20}}
turn of the 1/2nd century
turn of the 19/20th century
{{other date|turn of the century|2|era=BC}} turn of the 2/1st century BC
turn of the year {{other date|turn of the year|1992}} late 1991 and early 1992 {{other date|turn of the year|922|era=BC}} late 922 and early 921 BC
spring {{other date|spring|1999}} Spring 1999 {{other date|spring|99|era=AD}} Spring 99 AD
summer {{other date|summer|1999}} Summer 1999 {{other date|summer|99|era=BC}} Summer 99 BC
{{other date|fall|1999}}
{{other date|autumn|1999}}
Autumn 1999
Autumn 1999
{{other date|fall|99|era=AD}} Autumn 99 AD
winter {{other date|winter|1999}} Winter 1999 {{other date|winter|99|era=BC}} Winter 99 BC
{{other date|early|1999-08}}
{{other date|beginning|1999}}
early August 1999
early 1999
{{other date|early|99|era=BC}} early 99 BC
{{other date|mid|1999-10}}
{{other date|middle|1999}}
mid October 1999
mid 1999
{{other date|mid|99|era=BC}} mid 99 BC
{{other date|end|1999-11}}
{{other date|late|1999}}
late November 1999
late 1999
{{other date|end|99|era=BCE}} late 99 BC
first half
1st half
{{other date|firsthalf|1999-11}}
{{other date|1half|1999}}
first half of November 1999
first half of 1999
{{other date|firsthalf|99|era=BC}} first half of 99 BC
second half
2nd half
{{other date|secondhalf|1999-11}}
{{other date|2half|1999}}
second half of November 1999
second half of 1999
{{other date|secondhalf|99|era=BCE}} second half of 99 BC
1st quarter
{{other date|1quarter|1815-09}}
{{other date|1quarter|1815}}
first quarter of September 1815
first quarter of 1815
{{other date|1quarter|99|era=BC}} first quarter of 99 BC
2nd quarter
{{other date|2quarter|1815-09}}
{{other date|2quarter|1815}}
second quarter of September 1815
second quarter of 1815
{{other date|2quarter|99|era=BC}} second quarter of 99 BC
3rd quarter
{{other date|3quarter|1815-09}}
{{other date|3quarter|1815}}
third quarter of September 1815
third quarter of 1815
{{other date|3quarter|99|era=BC}} third quarter of 99 BC
4th quarter
{{other date|4quarter|1815-09}}
{{other date|4quarter|1815}}
fourth quarter of September 1815
fourth quarter of 1815
{{other date|4quarter|99|era=BC}} fourth quarter of 99 BC
{{other date|BC|44-03-15}}
{{other date|BCE|44}}
15 March 44 BC
44 BC
{{other date|AD|944-03}}
{{other date|CE|944}}
March 944 AD
944 AD
? {{other date|?|2015}} Unknown date[1] {{other date|?|2015|era=BC}} Unknown date BC[1]
  1. a b c reported bug

date notations without date

{{{1}}} parameter Example Code Output Example Code with era Output with era
{{other date|?}}
{{other date|unknown}}
Unknown date
Unknown date
{{other date|?||era=BC}} Unknown date BC
year unknown {{other date|year unknown}} year unknown {{other date|year unknown|era=BC}} year unknown BC