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This creates a compact table for other versions of images to be used in the other_versions section of {{Information}}. It's specifically for small images (e.g. symbols or icons) accompanied by short captions.

Simple example:

{{ov|Red star.svg||red|Orange star.svg||orange|Green star.svg||green}}


Red star.svg Orange star.svgGreen star.svg
red orangegreen

Example 2:

{{ov|Red star.svg|120px|the parameters|Orange star.svg|50px|right after|Green star.svg|90px|images|Five Pointed Star Solid.svg|105px|set the size.}}


Red star.svg Orange star.svgGreen star.svgFive Pointed Star Solid.svg
the parameters right afterimagesset the size.

The background is white by default. This can be changed with bg#=color, where # is the location of the specific image (e.g. 1 for the 1st image, 2 for the 2nd, etc) - not the parameter number. To change all of them at once use bg=color.