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Public domain This file is in the public domain in Indonesia because its copyright has expired, according to Article 29 of the Indonesia Copyright Law No 19, 2002.
  1. The Copyright on:
    • books, pamphlets and all other written works,
    • dramas, musical dramas, dances and choreographic works,
    • all forms of arts, such as paintings, engravings and sculptures,
    • batik arts,
    • songs or music with or without lyrics,
    • architecture,
    • sermons, lecturers, addresses or other works of utterance,
    • visual aids for educational and scientific purposes,
    • maps, and
    • translations, interpretations, adaptations, anthologies.
    shall be valid for the life of the Author and 50 (fifty) years after his death.
  2. When a Work as referred to in paragraph (1) is jointly owned by 2 (two) persons or more, the Copyright shall be for the life of the longest survival Author and shall be continue 50 (fifty) years after the death of the said longest surviving Author.

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