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Public domain This file is in the public domain because the Marshall Islands have very limited laws on copyright and this work does not fall under them. The Marshall Islands are not party to any relevant international convention or treaty regarding copyright (details, overview).

For this template to be applicable, it is not enough that a work be published in the Marshall Islands - the author must be a Marshallese citizen and not have any other citizenship, and they must be ordinarily resident in the Marshall Islands at the time of publication. If these factors are not all met, then the work can still have an enforceable copyright outside of the Marshall Islands. Additionally, unpublished works can be the subject of copyright outside the Marshall Islands.

The Unauthorized Copies of Recorded Materials Act, 1991 grants some Marshallese works limited, internal, intellectual property rights over sound and audio-visual recordings only.

For more information on the status of Marshallese works, see here, here and here.

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NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{PD-Marshall Islands}} instead!