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The Template:PD-Meyers-MKL-textpage generates the sections "Summary" and "Licensing:" (as shown below) in image-pages for the Meyer's MKL encyclopedia. The details depend on parameters 1, 2, 3 & "cur" for volume, prior-page, next-page & current page. However, optional parameters can customize the description, source, plus an end-warning. Set the "pagename" & "pagename_German" or add extensive "endtext" (for English) and "endtext_German" (which can display several paragraphs, or more translations in other languages). The source website can be followed by text from parameter "source2=". Any parameter can display long text (by text-wrapping) or include each "<br>" to split lines.

Finally, the template also allows displaying an optional end-warning, noting older information should be removed or updated for the particular page. Any page can trigger the warning by "outdated=yes" when calling the template, or change the message with "msg=xxx" to show some other message for that page.

Images from MKL must be edited to link: Category:Images from Meyers Konversationslexikon.


The template has the following parameters:

  • parameter 1: book number
  • parameter 2: previous page, such as "0051" or "0051a"
  • parameter 3: next page, such as "0053" or "0051c"
  • cur: the current page number, such as cur= 945 but NEVER "945a". The ‚cur‘ is used to calculate the previous and next page ids, so cur must be only a number, with no letters. When "cur" is used, then parameters 2 and 3 are omitted.
  • pagename= zzz – shows "This is zzz #, of the German…". This can be used to indicate
                first/last page, such as "pagename= the last page," before the page number.
  • pagename_German= zzz – shows "Diese ist zzz #, von der deutsche…". This can
                be used to indicate first/last page (as "pagename_German= die letzte Seite,").
  • endtext= zzz – shows "edition (1885–1890)zzz". This can be used for more details
                about a page, such as "endtext= , in section for B." as the end note.
  • endtext_German= zzz – shows "Auflage (1885–1890)zzz". This can be used
                for more details, such as "endtext_German= , in Mitte B." afterward.
  • source1= sss – shows "sss" (default: "MKL online at Retro Bibliothek…")
  • source2= sss2 – shows "sss2" after 1st source-line. This can be used
                for more details, such as "source2=  Image page is pix.html" afterward.
  • outdated= yes – triggers warning at bottom of page that "Information below this point
                should be removed or kept updated".
  • msg= xxxx – shows text "xxxx" rather than "Information below…".
  • other versions = could be derivative versions like {{Image extracted|…}} or other.

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