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Public domain This audio recording or film is in the public domain in Norway because its copyright has expired. According to Norwegian Copyright law §45, copyright for audio recordings and films expires 50 years after recorded. If published or otherwise made public within this time, copyright expires 50 years after the recording was first made public.

Note that the right to be attributed never expires in Norway.

To the uploader:

  • Please provide information about when the recording was recorded and/or first published.
  • Media uploaded to Wikimedia Commons must also be in the public domain in the United States. A Norwegian work that is in the public domain in Norway, is in the public domain in the U.S. only if it was in the public domain in Norway in 1996, e.g. if created before January 1, 1946 and no copyright was registered in the U.S. (This is the effect of 17 USC 104A with its critical date of January 1, 1996.)

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