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Main template {{PD-Unicode}} can be used for licensing as well as for categorizing.

Its sub-templates like {{PDUdiff2}} help to diffuse the crowded main category PD Unicode. Some diffusion is done in {{PD-Unicode}}, as to select the plane (BMP, SMP, SIP).
The BMP comprises many Unicode blocks as is shown in the table in Unicode BMP. Therefore the BMP is diffused into BMP-0, BMP-1, BMP-2 and so on.
For further diffusion within the most crowded BM-plane, the selection can be solved by different sub-templates like {{PDUdiff0}}, {{PDUdiff1}}, {{PDUdiff2}}, {{PDUdiff3}} (and so on, as required).

Note:This splitting simplifies a lot the selection and maintenance, and saves from repeated creation of in-between parameters.


{{PDUdiff2}} gets from PD-Unicode one single parameter, a hexadecimal numer between 200 and 2FF, the first three digits of the code point value. It returns a code of a hexadecimal number "xx" between 00 and FF, where 2xx0 is the first code point address of the Unicode block to which the character belongs.

Note: It would be not only sufficient but much better to pass to PDUdiff2 two hexdigits xx instead of three 2xx, leaving away the redundant heading 2; leaner coding would be possible. But while Wikimedia template parsing allows to strip easily trailing parts of a parameter string, the stripping of leading parts is not supported and would cause unacceptable server work.

As an example, the Braille glyph at U+283DBraille Y.svg and any other glyph between U+2800 and U+28FF is categorized into PD Unicode-BMP-2800, because the Braille letters are in Category:Unicode 2800-28FF Braille Patterns.
On the other hand, U+253B.svg is categorized into PD Unicode-BMP-2500 because it belongs to Unicode 2500-257F Box Drawing.


Copies from the following pre-prepared entries can be used to create additional categories in PD Unicode-BMP-2.

PD Unicode-BMP-2000   (6)
{{C|Unicode 2000-206F General Punctuation|Unicode-Block 2000 – 206F General Punctuation}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2000]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2070   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2070-209F Superscripts and Subscripts|Unicode-Block 2070 – 209F Superscripts and Subscripts}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2070]]
PD Unicode-BMP-20A0   (6)
{{C|Unicode 20A0-20CF Currency Symbols|Unicode-Block 20A0 – 20CF Currency Symbols}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 20A0]]
PD Unicode-BMP-20D0   (0)
{{C|Unicode 20D0-20FF Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols|Unicode-Block 20D0 – 20FF Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 20D0]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2100   (4)
{{C|Unicode 2100-214F Letterlike Symbols|Unicode-Block 2100 – 214F Letterlike Symbols}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2100]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2150   (1)
{{C|Unicode 2150-218F Number Forms|Unicode-Block 2150 – 218F Number Forms}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2150]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2400   (1)
{{C|Unicode 2400-243F Control Pictures|Unicode-Block 2400 – 243F Control Pictures}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2400]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2440   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2440-245F Optical Character Recognition|Unicode-Block 2440 – 245F Optical Character Recognition}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2440]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2460   (1)
{{C|Unicode 2460-24FF Enclosed Alphanumerics|Unicode-Block 2460 – 24FF Enclosed Alphanumerics}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2460]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2580   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2580-259F Block Elements|Unicode-Block 2580 – 259F Block Elements}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2580]]
PD Unicode-BMP-27C0   (0)
{{C|Unicode 27C0-27EF Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A|Unicode-Block 27C0 – 27EF Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 27C0]]
PD Unicode-BMP-27F0   (0)
{{C|Unicode 27F0-27FF Supplementary Arrows-A|Unicode-Block 27F0 – 27FF Supplementary Arrows-A}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 27F0]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2900   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2900-297F Supplemental Arrows-B|Unicode-Block 2900 – 297F Supplemental Arrows-B}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2900]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2A00   (1)
{{C|Unicode 2A00-2AFF Supplemental Mathematical Operators|Unicode-Block 2A00 – 2AFF Supplemental Mathematical Operators}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2A00]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2B00   (3)
{{C|Unicode 2B00-2BFF Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows|Unicode-Block 2B00 – 2BFF Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2B00]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2C00   (3)
{{C|Unicode 2C00-2C5F Glagolitic|Unicode-Block 2C00 – 2C5F Glagolitic}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2C00]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2C60   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2C60-2C7F Latin Extended C|Unicode-Block 2C60 – 2C7F Latin Extended C}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2C60]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2C80   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2C80-2CFF Coptic|Unicode-Block 2C80 – 2CFF Coptic}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2C80]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2D00   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2D00-2D2F Georgian Supplement|Unicode-Block 2D00 – 2D2F Georgian Supplement}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2D00]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2D30   (7)
{{C|Unicode 2D30-2D7F Tifinagh|Unicode-Block 2D30 – 2D7F Tifinagh}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2D30]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2D80   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2D80-2DDF Ethiopic Extended|Unicode-Block 2D80 – 2DDF Ethiopic Extended}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2D80]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2DE0   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2DE0-2DFF Cyrillic Extended-A|Unicode-Block 2DE0 – 2DFF Cyrillic Extended-A}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2DE0]]
PD Unicode-BMP-2E00   (0)
{{C|Unicode 2E00-2E7F Supplemental Punctuation|Unicode-Block 2E00 – 2E7F Supplemental Punctuation}}
[[Category:PD Unicode-BMP-2| 2E00]]