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This template produces a small navigational box with links to year- or decade-bound categories for media files of paintings in Brazil. A given start time places earlier and later category links respective to the time scale. It can be used both in image files and in categories. Syntax:

{{PaintBrazilcat|MCD|Y}} <!-- variables are M: Millennium, C: Century, D: Decade, Y: Year -->

The second form auto-deducts MCD and Y from a transcluding PAGENAME. For this to work, the title of the transcluding page needs to start with a pattern MCDY paintings or MCD0s paintings . If the latter pattern is found, a navigational box for decades will be output instead of one for years and the caller is categorized accordingly.


Please add language translations to the i18n page. See an example before creating new translation pages.


To modify styling edit PaintBrazilcat/styles.css. This may in part override properties of the defaults used for all countries.

Example input
  • template users need to undertake a edit/save cycle for refresh of categorization
  • this applies esp. if by country of location cat is created after pages had already been categorized into by country
Example output

 Flag of Brazil.svg 1870s paintings in Brazil 
 1870 · 1871 · 1872 · 1873 · 1874 · 1875 · 1876 · 1877 · 1878 · 1879