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This template provides a small navigational box with painting categories (by year). A given start year leads to earlier and later categories. It can be used both in image files and in categories. Syntax:

{{PaintingfromIndiacat|MCD|Y}} <!-- variables are M: Millennium, C: Century, D: Decade, Y: Year -->

The second form auto-deducts MCD and Y from a transcluding PAGENAME. For this to work, the title of the transcluding page needs to start with a pattern 'MCDY paintings '.


To modify styling edit PaintingfromIndiacat/styles.css. This may in part override properties of the defaults used for all countries.

Example input
  • template users need to undertake a edit/save cycle for refresh of categorization
  • this applies esp. if by country of origin cat is created after pages had already been categorized into by country
Example output

 Flag of India.svg 1870s paintings from India 
 1870 · 1871 · 1872 · 1873 · 1874 · 1875 · 1876 · 1877 · 1878 · 1879