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Paintings in the Polish Vasa Collection
Jacopo Bassano Deposition
Osias Beert the Elder Still life with apples and grapes
Jan Brueghel the Younger A village square
Jan Brueghel the Younger
& Hendrick van Balen
Madonna and Child in a floral garland
Pietro da Cortona Madonna enthroned
Lucas Cranach Madonna and Child
Willem Drost Portrait of a man in a red kolpak
Govert Flinck Flight into Egypt
Hendrick Goltzius Democritus
Head of a woman
Man with an arrow in his hand
Jacob Jordaens Nativity
Jan Rutgers Niewael Fishing rod, a gun and a poodle's head
Palma il Giovane Story of Psyche "ed altre poesie" (cycle)
Jacob Symonsz. Pynas Landscape with animals
Rembrandt Diana bathing and Acteon
Portrait of a bearded man
Portrait of a man in the hat decorated with pearls
Guido Reni Rape of Europa
Peter Paul Rubens Conversion of St. Paul
Lamentation of Christ
March of the Silenus
Portrait of King Casimir the Great
Saint Peter
Virgin Mary with St. Anne and St. Joachim
Giovanni Battista Salvi Our Lady in a garland of roses
Daniël Seghers
& Erasmus Quellinus the Younger
A garland of flowers with the Education of the Virgin
Daniël Seghers
& Cornelis Schut
Garland of flowers around a cartouche with Jesus and St. John the Baptist as children
Elisabetta Sirani Madonna and Child with St. Anne
Peter Snayers Battle of Kircholm
Battle of Prague
Burning of Smolensk
Otto Marseus van Schrieck Bunch of flowers
Alessandro Turchi Pictures on semi-precious stones
Antonio Vassilacchi Martyrdom of St. Demetrius
Martyrdom of St. Ladislaus
Martyrdom of St. Ursula
Story of Diana and Callisto (cycle)
David Vinckboons Peasants driving out a rich family from a house
Simon de Vlieger Seascape with a pigeon-house on an island
Hendrik Cornelisz. Vroom Ship battle