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X mark.svg This image was reviewed by [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] on {{{2}}}, but could not determine what the source image from Panoramio was. It was concluded that either the image was not on Panoramio, or there was not enough information to find it.


Add to any image in which you cannot find a Panoramio source for. It puts it into Category:Unsourced Panoramio images checked by trusted user so you don't repeat yourself.

SYNTAX: {{Panoramio no source|username|date}} eg {{Panoramio no source|mattbuck|2008-05-16}}.

When tagging the file with this template, you might want to use {{subst:nsd}} to add the no source template as well. If you are a Flickr reviewer, you may simply use the following script, which includes a "license ns" tab that does both taggings:

Script documentation