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TNC (NatureServe) G-rank categories.
TNC (NatureServe) T-rank categories (for subspecies and varieties).

Main colour scheme is copied from that used by Birdlife International for IUCN categories.

Example usage on English Wikipedia
Black-footed Ferret

Species rankings[edit]

Species rankings
Status TNC GX.svg

Presumed Extinct

Status TNC GH.svg

Possibly Extinct

Status TNC G1.svg

Critically Imperiled

Status TNC G2.svg


Status TNC G3.svg


Status TNC G4.svg

Apparently Secure

Status TNC G5.svg


(Note: NatureServe also uses these ranking codes for ecological communities, and in this other context some are given different phrasing)

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Graphic credit: Peter Halasz. (User:Pengo)