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This reproduction of a photograph from the collections of Museum of Cultural History / Kulturhistorisk museum is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License
Link to the full license text The licens apply to the supplied version, and not any high resoultion images made available to other services. High resolution images are available under the terms given by conditions for use.

The following clarifications are not part of the license and not additional provisions in the sense of §8e of the license; they neither expand nor constrain the terms of the license:

  • Under article 6bis of the Berne Convention, the author has the right “to object to [any modification of the] work [that is] prejudicial to his honor or reputation.”
  • The personality rights of any persons depicted are independent of the license. The license is not a release from liability for defamation and fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • Attribution must be given as Photo: Museum of Cultural History - University of Oslo, Norway, along with the name of the photographer in the byline if given. You may translate “photo” into another language. If possible add a backlink to high resolution images.
  • The license applies to this file and its derivatives. You may contact the museum for images in higher resolution, possibly under other licenses.
  • Kindly send a copy of the finished product or an email with a link to a web page.

Provide the name of the author as the (optional) parameter:

{{Photos by Kulturhistorisk museum|Author Name}}