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Welcome to the standard "Place info" page starter!

Please read the messages inside these "arrow" tags (technically known as "comments"). They don't show on the displayed page and should generally be left alone.

  • region: Name of the country or region for the location.
  • partof(1-3): Defines the groups to which the region belongs. Does not have to obey strict category hierarchy, and should be used to produce the most desirable display, rather than a canonically proper hierarchy. Example for Paris 2nd arrondissement: partof1=Paris IIe arrondissement | partof2=Paris | partof3=France
    Note in this example, Paris is actually part of "Île-de-France", but it isn't listed this way because there were no other areas of interest currently listed under Île-de-France, so France is listed instead.
  • getParts: add category names that are associated with the place after the Bar character. Each item should be separated by a bar | character. Items could be provinces if a country, or landmarks or squares or neighborhoods if a city. Doesn't have to adhere to categorization structure- for example, an area not properly part of a city such as Long Beach, California might be included in the Los Angeles list.

For further information about Place info templates, see Commons:Wikiproject Time some random project info subpage blah blah blah