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General: Decade Navboxes add navigational links corresponding to a file or category's time and place information. See discussion Template talk:Place by decade for more info.

Purpose: This is the main module that creates the first places by decade navbox. It is not directly called, but instead is called by front end templates that convert user friendly parameters, and set default flags for a particular use.

Used by: Template:Places by decade; Template:Events by decade

Related to: Template:Things by decade

What it does:

  1. Displays two navboxes
  2. Auto categorizes-
    • if found on a File: page, then added to Category:placeName in the decades
    • if found on a Category: page and eventName is empty, then added to Category: placeName by decade



  • name eg:Netherlands
  • longName eg:the Netherlands
  • decade the first year of the decade. eg:1940



  • partof# these define the list of elements of the group boxes, and must correspond to pages in the form Template:Place info/placeName. PlaceName should correspond to existing Commons category page names.
    • partof1 = in practice, this is set to the location geographically nearest the point of interest. EG: Tour Eiffel
    • partof2,3 these are set to more general locations. eg: partof2=Paris|partof3=France
    • partof8,9 These will override the toplevel Countries and cities groups. defaults= major cities; countries.
  • date: start date of the event. YYYY-MM-DD
  • end: end date of the event.
  • geoPosition: A placename that is recognized by google or yahoo Map search which is as narrow/ specific as practical for a location. This could be a street address, landmark or any other location name that google or yahoo recognizes as a specific point in space.
  • geoCoord DDD.DDDD;DDD.DDDD (the more digits of accuracy, the better.) Values coord should conform to values available from the place's wikipedia article (if any). Click on world coordinates in upper right corner of the wikipedia article and you will see a page with this value named "Decimal". Alternately, numbers in this format in the DDD.DDD format available from Geolocator.
  • eventName: If specific event name applies, this is used for microformats vevent output.
  • cat: if = no, then autocategorization is suppressed.
  • infoPage: name of the subpage of Template:Place info with info page data on the Place


  • noEdit if non null, then Image addition edit link is suppressed.
  • showImage if set to no, then the images are not displayed.
  • image1,2,3 if present, displayed in the belowgroup area.
  • width1,2,3 if present, used for width of the corresponding image. default for 1 is 500px. Default for 2,3 is 250px
  • Navbox values see Template:Navbox for values
    • collapsed see values for Navbox state parameter
    • titlestyle
    • groupstyle default=text-align:right;padding-left: 16px;padding-right: 5px;width:13em;background:#DEDFFF; (blue)
    • belowstyle
    • liststyle default= text-align:center;width:auto;
    • bodystyle