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Nuvola filesystems folder green.png CategorizationBot is going to try to populate this category.

This template is used to order CategorizationBot to work on a category. It is placed in the receiving category. Its syntax is

  • {{populate category}}
  • {{populate category|gallery=hint}}

The bot first finds images, which are in use in a gallery of the same name as that category, or when a hint is given, the gallery named in the hint.

For security reasons, the images should be in one of the parent categories of the receiving category or one of the subcategories of Category:Media needing categories (=images tagged with {{Uncategorized}}).

  • Uncategorized images in the gallery are put into the receiving category and the {{uncategorized}} template is removed.
  • For all the categorized images in the gallery, the bot checks the parent categories, and on finding that image, moves it down into the receiving category. If one or more subcategories of receiving category was already on the image, receiving category will not be added. This prevents overcategorization.