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  • {{subst:Provide better quality|File:File Name}}


To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

{{Provide better quality/layout
|text=Thank you for your submission of [[:{{{1}}}]]. While all submissions are useful, do you think you might be able to supply a better quality version of the same, or similar, content? In many cases, the largest and highest resolution possible is the most useful version to have available. (MediaWiki has automatic resizing functionality, so there is no need for multiple versions of the same image at different sizes, users can select any size and the software will generate and cache the needed resolution on the fly.)

If you can supply the same exact image as '''{{{1}}}''' at a larger resolution (or media at a higher bitrate, etc.), please just upload it over the original, users will get the new higher quality version with no further effort on your part. If on the other hand, the content is only similar, it is best to select a new image name, as there may be uses already where some aspect of the existing media was key to the usage. In the latter case, if you can provide a crosslink reference to the new image in the older one and vice versa, that will be extremely helpful.

Again, thank you very much for your contribution, it is appreciated.
{{translated tag|user}}

For the heading to be translated too, please also add a /heading/<langcode> subpage with the translation for:

Do you have a better version of [[:{{{1}}}]]?<noinclude>{{Translated tag|user}}</noinclude>

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