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Shortcut: Template:lastw

This template returns the last word of the first parameter, i.e. the last non-space token after the last space. Use |1= for the first parameter if the string may contain an equals sign (=). By default, words are delimited by spaces, but the optional parameter |sep= can set the separator to any character.


One parameter (space as separator):

  • {{Remove last word|string}}
  • {{Remove last word|1=string}}

Two parameters (user-defined character as separator):

  • {{Remove last word|string|sep=character}}
  • {{Remove last word|1=string|sep=character}}


  • {{Remove last word|}}
  • {{Remove last word|Select last word}} → last word
  • {{Remove last word|Select last}} → last
  • {{Remove last word|Select}}
  • {{Remove last word|Select, last word|sep=,}} → last word
  • {{Remove last word|Foo-bar|sep=-}} → bar
  • {{Remove last word|1=len = a+b|sep==}} → a+b

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