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This media object can not yet be renamed because:

  • the template ({{rename}} does not specify a target media name or
  • the requested file extension is different from the current file extension or
  • a file already exists at the target media name.

Please help fix this by:

  • checking if the rename meets one of the valid reasons on Commons:File renaming:
  • removing this template if a rename is not appropriate or
  • replacing this template with {{rename|target name|reason for rename}}

Ensure the target has the same extension, and that there is no image there.

Admins can also do the rename now by

  1. check if file is used and
  2. add {{universal replace|Rename/notarget|newimage|reason=[[Commons:File renaming|File renamed]]}} to CommonsDelinker's commands (Quick adding) (remember to replace "newimage" with the actual name)
  3. clicking here to perform the move (don't forget to remove this template after that).

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This template will categorize into Category:Media renaming requests needing target.