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Use SVG created with/doc/sandbox

This unified template documentation can be controlled by some parameters, e.g.

desc= any description of the template, if different from default
addinf= additional information
shortkey= sort key, e.g. template name without "Created with"
Default is the value of shorthand
shorthand= 0 any redirects to the template
shorttext= 0 any additional text to shorthand
redirects 0 one or more names of redirects
igen= 0 abbreviation used by the template {{Image generation}}
catnam= if category names differ from template name
cattext= 0 any additional text following categories
n= (=yes) if category "PNG created with ..." should exist
descname= replace the BASEPAGENAME at description
sub= text or (=n) if no subcategorization should be possible
top= default for topic
sandbox= e.g. "yes" if a sandbox exists
vopttext= 0 (=yes) or any additional text to vopt
vdef= value for parameter #2 to preset default (e.g. "n" or "v")
vstyle= value for parameter vstyle to preset default (e.g. "fl")
code= (1, 2 or 3) if the file description should display source code(s)
codetext= any additional text when code
vtext= any any other text for vtext
inval= e.g. "no" when no categories for W3C-invalid code are needed
I= (Upper case "i"): some description for parameter IMPORTANT
w1= width for left table column of example; default=37
w2= width for right table column of example; default=63
unspec= e.g. "yes": when a category for unspecified W3C should exist
I18dot= e.g. "yes": uses internationalization subtemplates from "Created with ..."
"yes" is now assumed default - use "no" to display the old subtemplates

See also: Created with Xxx/doc and Created with Xx1/doc

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