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See also: Template:See also.
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Used to show the localized string 'see also'.


{{See also |1= |2= }}

Or use the shorthand
{{Seealso|… parameters as described …}}

Example (from Category:Graphs intro):
{{See also|1=Charts and graphs|3=Graph theory|5=Commons:Chart and graph resources}}

Note that the odd numbers are for the links, and the even numbers are for changed link label text. The even number parameters are not necessary if you are not changing the link label text. The number of links is no longer limited to 4 links. The table below can be further expanded.

Template parameters

1link to the first pageemptyrequired
2link text for the first pageemptyoptional
3link to a second pageemptyoptional
4link text for the second pageemptyoptional
5link to a third pageemptyoptional
6link text for the third pageemptyoptional
7link to a fourth pageemptyoptional
8link text for the fourth pageemptyoptional

Additional information

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See also

Templates linking contents

"1-N" means from one to many.

Upwards links
Downwards links
Sideways page links
Sideways category links
Interproject links


This template is localized by utilizing custom MediaWiki namespace messages.


In the case of troubles with this template, everything can be written e.g. as follows to avoid the template:

{{Created with/layout
|text=''{{int:Seealso}}'': {{T0|See also/doc|this documentation}}
which will give