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This template is used to make browsing a series of numerically indexed files easier.

|       title = 
|      prefix = 
|       index = 
| index_width = 
|      suffix = 


An example, from Image:050529_Barcelona_061.jpg:

|       title = Sights in Barcelona, Spain
|      prefix = 050529_Barcelona_
|       index = 028
| index_width = 3
|      suffix = .jpg

Syntax description[edit]

This template utilizes the prefix, index, and suffix to generate the filenames in the series.

  • title (optional): The title of the series of images.
  • prefix (optional): Text at the beginning of the filename.
  • index: The numeric index of the current file. This does not need to include the leading zeros.
  • index_width: The number of digits in the series' index. For example, in 0022 there are 4 digits. The template utilizes the {{padleft:}} function for the index. For a series of images without leading zeros, simply omit the index_width parameter.
  • suffix (optional): Text at the end of the filename. This includes the file extension.


  • Do not end the title with a period.
  • Use underscores _ instead of spaces for the prefix and suffix.
  • Index must be numeric.
  • Make sure to include the period . with the extension in the suffix.