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This documentation is transcluded from Template:SimplSVG/doc.

This template is used for marking simple SVGs. A simple SVG must have its source code suitable for manual editing. Simple SVGs are created either by radical simplification of SVGs saved by graphics software[3] or directly (see {{Created with Text Editor}}).

The template automatically sets the following categories:

By template {{ValidSVG}} the file is categorized also into Valid SVG created with Text Editor, a hidden subcategory of hidden Valid SVG

W3CThe source code of this SVG is valid. U+21E6.svgThis link to the validator passes the option to show the SVG coding



or {{ Image generation9 = +10 = Sother parameters as described below }} to use the advantages of the template {{Image generation}},

e. g. creation of the Other fields / Information field, for a better and more uniform appearance in the {{Information}} box
Deutsch: Mit dem 4. Parameter kann die Kategorisierung gesteuert werden, siehe {{HandSVG}}.
English: Categorization can be controlled by parameter #4, see {{HandSVG}}.
Because just examples are useful and not crowding the categories with each file from a set of similar ones, any such categorization can be suppressed explicitly.

Another possibility is diffusion to a subcategory by providing parameter #4 with a control character (see explanation at docu of {{HandSVG}}).

The file is categorized as SVG Simplified when:

  • forced by categorization parameters,
  • categorization is not suppressed and both file sizes are specified and the size afterwards is less than a twentieth of the size before.

In all other cases it is categorized as Valid SVG created with Text Editor. To prevent this category from becoming too crowded the (vector software)-assigned subcategory is selected instead, when the software name is specified by parameter #1.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
created with The name of the graphics tool: Inkscape, Sodipodi, Adobe, OpenOffice, CorelDRAW, … empty optional
2 size before The size the file had when saved by the graphics tool.
To see file sizes in bytes on description pages, you can use a user-script for help:

empty optional
3 size afterwards The size of the manually edited version
not specified if = 000; see Category:SVG files to be drawn by hand
empty optional
4 control Either uppercase S, M, N, X, or Y
  • S: categorization forced to SVG Simplified
  • M: categorization forced to category of editor as parameter #1
  • N: without explanatory text
  • X: any categorization is suppressed
  • Y: combines N and X
or a Control letter (see {{HandSVG}}): diffusion into subcategories of SVG Simplified
empty optional
5 structured? character "H":[1] it is a high quality structured graphic empty optional
6 talk page? character T:[1] an additional explanation points to the file talk page empty optional
7 categories (coded) a one-character code[1] for more categories:
SVG simplification by
empty optional
user edited by name of editor (person) who simplified the image, either the user name or in wiki code
coded e. g. with {{U}}, {{Uc}}, {{Ut}}, {{Ult}}, {{Ud}} or otherwise
empty optional
diffusion in "SVG Simplified" category diffusion: a suffix to the category name depending on parameter #2, e. g. sub=-examples empty optional
sss diffusion in "structured SVG" more category diffusion: Structured SVG Subcategory, e. g. sss=-examples empty optional
vsub diffusion in "valid/invalid" diffusion for Valid SVG created with Text Editor / Invalid SVG created with Text Editor
To suppress this subcategorizing set it to minus: vsub=-
empty optional
key sort key sort key within the category empty optional
width sets width for the box auto optional
style sets or overrides other style attributes for the box. Set "<nowiki/>" to avoid linefeed empty optional
vtext optional additional text for ValidSVG/InvalidSVG . optional
vstyle to set or overwrite other style attributes for the box of ValidSVG/InvalidSVG

e. g. vstyle=float:left, or short vs=fl for also smaller icon

  • for smallest display use vs=- (see examples)
style optional
vwidth sets width for the box of ValidSVG/InvalidSVG width optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

See also

Other SVG created with ... templates, e. g.: {{HandSVG}}, {{Inkscape}}, {{Sodipodi}}, {{Adobe}}, {{LibreOffice}}, {{Gnuplot}}

  1. a b c ":Any of these parameter values can be passed in any sequence, each as an argument for one of the parameters #5 to #9, in lower or upper case: …|5=T|6=b|7=c… is equivalent to …|7=B|8=t|9=c….
  2. a b c Jeder dieser Parameterwerte kann beliebig als Argument eines der Parameter #5 bis #9 übergeben werden, in Klein- oder Großbuchstaben: …|5=H|6=b|7=f… ist gleichwertig mit …|5=F|7=h|9=B….
  3. Wikimedia Commons contains hundreds of SVG images that were drawn in vector editors and then edited manually, e. g. for compatibility reasons. Most of them still contain complicated (vector editor)-produced code. Manual editing itself does not qualify an SVG image as {{SimplSVG}}.