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The usage of this reproduction of a "cultural good" may be restricted by Italian laws, which requires a payment to the local Soprintendenza (government department responsible for the environment, historical buildings, monuments and other treasures) for any use of reproductions of these goods (article 107) that are not for a personal or educational purpose (article 108). Wikimedia Commons is not required to comply as it is hosted in the United States of America. Users who are citizens of Italy are warned that they are solely responsible for any possible violation of local laws. See our general disclaimer for more information. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status of the depicted work.

The following are considered cultural heritage assets (article 10): state owned things with some artistic, historic, archeological or ethno-antropological interest such as artworks displayed in museums or galleries, archeological remains, historical buildings, libraries, archives collections, places of cultural and artistic interest, photographs, and other items declared cultural heritage by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities unless explicitly removed on a case by case basis. The national catalog of cultural heritage assets is not publicly accessible.

Reproductions of Italian works classified as "cultural goods" may only be displayed on the Italian Wikipedia using the appropriate copyright tag under its Exemption Doctrine Policy. This requires that they be locally uploaded, low resolution, and must have a rationale for their use. The full-resolution copies on Commons must not be used.

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Soprintendenza}} instead!