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Metropolitan Museum of Art, online collection


1. To use this template to link directly to a Met collection object, pass the eight-digit ending of the URL. For example,

  • {{SourceMetropolitan|20011737}} links to the object at URL http://www.metmuseum.org/collections/search-the-collections/20011737

2. Or, pass the object's accession number to instead create a "search" URL that indirectly finds the object. There is no way on the Met web site to specify a search for an accession number specifically; as a result, multiple search results may be returned using this method. This was the original design of this template.

For example, {{SourceMetropolitan|67.55.175}} is a less direct link to the same object as the first example.

The template differentiates the two cases within the single parameter by whether the parameter has a "." (dot) in it. If it is possible for an accession number to not contain a dot, the current (updated) design will fail.

(Note: this design serves two slightly different needs because the use case of this template is not entirely clear: is it for the "accession number" field in Template:Artwork, or the "source" or "references" field? The legacy use is not to appear within a template at all. As always, it is not necessary in either field, but helps track images sourced from the Met's web site.)