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Images bearing this template are automatically added to Category:Images lacking source file. The type of the image (such as "graph") may be given as a parameter to the template and will be prefixed to the category name.

To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

{{Source code please/layout
|text=This {{{1|}}} image (or all images in this article or category) is an [[w:Information graphic|information graphic]] created by a computer program from '''data sets or formulas that have not been fully provided on this page'''.  In order to allow other editors to improve or build on this image, and to ensure compliance with free content licenses such as the [[w:GNU Free Documentation License|GFDL]], the following should be provided:
* Software package(s) used
* Data sets used (if any), including pre-processing instructions
* Sequence of commands used to create the graphic
* Short description of any post-processing stages
Once all the above are included in the image's description page, please remove this template.
{{translated tag|marker}}

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