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Hi Sourcefield,
Thank you for your contributions to Commons! It looks like a file you uploaded to Commons has an invalid entry indicated for its "Source" . It is important that the |Source= field, which is the record of where a file came from, be accurate and as machine-readable as possible so that others can verify its license and be able to reuse the file under the correct terms. For example, sources such as "Me", "Self" or "My camera" should be replaced with the template {{Own}}; sources such as "Google", "The Internet", etc. are not considered valid and may result in deletion of the file. If you did not generate the file yourself, then you may want to revisit the file and be as specific as you can in identifying your source: ideally, this might be a stable link to the exact webpage that the image or file came from, or perhaps the title, year, and page number of the book where you found it (a link to a website in general is not usually considered specific enough, nor is simply restating the name of the author). For guidance on indicating your source please visit the page COM:SOURCE.

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Sourcefield}} instead!