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 |taxon        =
 |authority    =
 |photographer =
 |source       =
 |date         =
 |description  =
 |permission   =

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
taxon Taxon or scientific name of the organism, without authority name Examplum examplum required
authority Name and year of the authority (e.g. Lesson, 1829 renders (Lesson, 1829)). The authority is the name of the scientist who first validly published the name. For example, in 1758 Linnaeus gave the Asian elephant the scientific name Elephas maximus, so the name is sometimes written as "Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758". The names of authors are frequently abbreviated: the abbreviation L. is universally accepted for Linnaeus, and in botany there is a regulated list of standard abbreviations (see list of botanists by author abbreviation). empty optional
institution institution or museums (when relevant) empty optional
accession number accession number (when relevant) empty optional
Gender: "male" or "female" respectively. Short versions "m" or "f" are also allowed. Also some photographs might have multiple specimens of different gender so options: "male & female" and "female & male" are also allowed. empty optional
discovery place Place where the specimen was found (the parameter automatically calls {{city}}) empty optional
cultivar Cultivar name. Variety of usually flower or fruit cultivated for some characteristics, for example "Granny Smith" is an apple cultivar. empty optional
author or photographer empty optional
source source of the file empty optional
date date when the photo was made empty optional
description Description of the file empty optional
permission License empty optional

Additional information

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