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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Syn/type/doc.

This template is a meant to be used by {{Syn}} to specify which type of synonymy is involved.
If the type in not managed by current template, Category:Pages with unmanaged synonym type is added
(Note: If you want to check or improve all biology translations in your language, you should go to Biology internationalization templates).
Here are the predefined types:
type other syntax accepted internationalized wikidata result what it means
autonym managed by {{Autonym (botany)}} Q1837887 Autonym An automatically created name
basionym managed by {{Bas}} Q810198 Basionym First name of the taxon (botanic only)
homotypic managed by {{Syn/type}} [Homotypic] Homotypic synonym
heterotypic managed by {{Syn/type}} [Heterotypic] Heterotypic synonym
incorrect subsequent spelling managed by {{Syn/type}} Q6015290 Incorrect subsequent spelling name whose spelling has been unjustifiably and unintentionally changed from the original
isonym managed by {{Syn/type}} Q16965488 Isonym ?
protonym managed by {{Syn/type}} Q14192851 Protonym First name of the taxon (zoology only)
missp. managed by {{Syn/type}} [misspelled (missp.)] misspelled
nom. cons. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q941227 [nom. cons.] nomen conservandum, conserved name
nom. dub. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q922448 [nom. dub.] nomen dubium
nom. err. managed by {{Syn/type}} ? [nomen erratum] ?
orth. err. orth. error managed by {{Syn/type}} ? [orth. err.] ?
nom. inval. managed by {{Syn/type}} [nom. inval.] nomen invalidum
nom. illeg. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q1093954 [nom. illeg.] nomen illegitimum
nom. nov. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q749462 [nom. nov.] nomen novum
nom. nud. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q844326 [nom. nud.] nomen nudum
nom. obl. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q901847 [nom. obl.] nomen oblitum
nom. prot. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q15709300 [nom. prot.] nomen protectum
nom. rej. nom. rejic. managed by {{Syn/type}} Q17276482 [nom. rej.] nomen rejiciendum
nom. supp. managed by {{Syn/type}} [nom. supp.] nomen suppressum
obsolete name managed by {{Syn/type}} [obsolete name]
teleomorph managed by {{Syn/type}} [Teleomorph] Fungi life stage
anamorph managed by {{Syn/type}} [Anamorph] Fungi life stage
holomorph managed by {{Syn/type}} [Holomorph] Fungi life stage
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