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This category is for old maps showing all or a large part of {{{1}}}. See subcategories for smaller areas.

"Old maps" means maps made over seventy (70) years ago.
Where to categorize or find maps of {{{1}}} made in the last 70 years:
[[:Category:Maps of {{{1}}}]] or its subcategories

Text For Old-Map Category 2 (TFOMC2)[edit]

This template is for use with "old map" categories where {{TFOMC}} will not work. For example; with map categories for old empires, topics etc.. Due to the use of "modern" in {{TFOMC}}

{{TFOMC2 |Name [|Description ]}}
The no-longer-existing area (nation, region), or entity (cities, towns, etc.)
Don't forget to add "the" before areas such as "the Ottoman Empire", etc..
Category names usually include it. For example:
That category uses the wikicode below in its introduction:
{{TFOMC2|the Ottoman Empire}}
An optional modifier for topics
eg. {{TFOMC2|Linguistic maps|linguistics}} will link old maps showing linguistics from Category:Old linguistic maps to Category:Linguistic maps

There is a related template at {{TFOMC}}