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Note: Taxoconflict is placed under Incertae sedis by.

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Taxoconflict/doc.

To display a note about conflicting classifications. For example, when a genus is placed in different families depending on the source. You can use {{Taxasource}} to display uniform source.
Please put first the classification followed by wikicommons (FishBase & IOC classification 2.11 & Mammal Species of the World...)
Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{Taxoconflict/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{Taxoconflict/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.

* {{Taxoconflict | Myliobatidae | FishBase | Mobulidae | ITIS & IUCN | name=Mobula | accessdate=2012-03-29 }}
* {{Taxoconflict | Myliobatidae | FishBase | Mobulidae | ITIS | othersource2=IUCN | name=Mobula | accessdate=2012-03-29 }}
* {{Taxoconflict | Myliobatidae | FishBase | Mobulidae | ITIS | othersource2=IUCN | name=Mobula | rank=Familia }}
* {{Taxoconflict | Agaricomycetes | Fungorum | {{Placement|familia|Rickenellaceae|ordo|Hymenochaetales|classis|Agaricomycetes}} | MycoBank | name=Resinicium | accessdate=2013-11-04}}

{{Taxoconflict | category1 | source1 | category2 | source2 | ...}}</nowiki>
  • <categoryX>
should correspond to a wikicommons category
or it can be a call to {{Placement}}
Sample (for Mobula): Myliobatidae
Sample (for Resinicium): {{Placement|ordo|Hymenochaetales|classis|Agaricomycetes}}
  • <sourceX>
is the description of the source.
It can be an author name, a publication or website link.
For website link, you can use WebSiteShortName recognized by {{Taxasource}} (See {{Taxasource/doc}} for the complete list of managed WebSiteShortName), but it can also be a complex description using multiple calls to {{Taxasource}}.
You can add a othersourceX= to provide additional sources to <categoryX>
Sample (for Mobula): FishBase
Optional parameters
  • prefix=<prefix> (default value="Note: ") to provide a prefix different from Note:
  • plural=yes (default value=no) when name describe multiple taxa and phrase should use plural
  • name=<taxonName> (default value={{PAGENAME}}) to provide a taxon name. Useful when the category name is not exactly the taxon name (like Category:Manta (genus)).
  • othersourceX=<WebSiteShortName> to add additional sources to <sourceX>
  • refX=<DescriptionOfYourReferebce> Use it if your source is managed by {{Taxasource}}
  • rankX=<rankX> to specify the latin singular rank of <categoryX> (allowed ranks are listed in {{CheckSingularLatinRank}})
  • rank=<rank> to specify the rank of all <categoryX> (allowed ranks are listed in {{CheckSingularLatinRank}})
  • accessdate=<yyyy-mm-dd> to specify when this information has been retrieved from the source(s).
  • note=<note> to add a note (such as further taxonomic clarifications).

For internalisation, you can modify the following templates:

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