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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Template category/doc.
input result
{{template category}}
{{template category |main}}
{{template category |tracking}}
{{template category |translated}}
{{template category |description=Wikitext}}
{{template category |category=Wikitext}}
{{template category |shortcut=CAT:CAT}}
  • The named parameters can be combined as needed.
  • The description SHOULD state which template(s) populate the template category, e.g., description=This category is populated by {{tl|name}}.
  • {{template category|tracking|category=}} disables the categorization in Template tracking categories.
  • {{template category|translated|category=}} disables the categorization determined by the otherwise REQUIRED type parameter:
input category
{{template category |translated|type=cleanup}} Media cleanup templates
{{template category |translated|type=documentation}} Template documentation
{{template category |translated|type=header}} Header templates
{{template category |translated|type=infobox}} Infobox templates
{{template category |translated|type=license}} License tags
{{template category |translated|type=localisation}} Localisation templates
{{template category |translated|type=location user}} Location user templates
{{template category |translated|type=marker}} Marker templates
{{template category |translated|type=navigational}} Navigational templates
{{template category |translated|type=problem}} Problem tags
{{template category |translated|type=protecticon}} Protection templates
{{template category |translated|type=restriction}} Restriction tags
{{template category |translated|type=source}} Source templates
{{template category |translated|type=user}} User templates

Also see {{Local template category}}, {{Global maintenance category}}, {{Local maintenance category}}, and {{Categorise}}.

Header for categories of general, main, tracking, or various translated template types.

Template parameters

main switch1

Unused or one of main, tracking, or translated.

shortcut2 shortcut

Wikilink without square brackets

Page nameoptional

Optional wikitext, e.g., show populating template.


Shorthands for various translated template categories


Bypass categorization for tracking or translated