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Dialog-warning-orange.svg This file has been temporarily undeleted either to assist discussion at Commons:Undeletion requests or to permit transfer of the file to a Wikimedia project which permits fair use.


  • This template automatically queues files for re-deletion after 2 days (if undeletion is for transfer to another project) or 30 days (if undeletion is for discussion). However, this is intended to be an upper limit: files should be deleted again as soon as possible (eg if the undeletion request is closed Not done or equivalent, or once the file has been transferred to another project).
  • If an undeletion request for a temporarily undeleted file succeeds, this template should be removed, with a reference to the request in the edit summary.

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NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Temporarily undeleted}} instead!