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Coat of arms of Germany.
Federal states of Germany: [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Baden-Württemberg |Baden-Württemberg]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Bavaria |Bavaria]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Berlin |Berlin]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Brandenburg |Brandenburg]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Bremen (state) |Bremen]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Hamburg |Hamburg]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Hesse |Hesse]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Lower Saxony |Lower Saxony]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern |Mecklenburg-Vorpommern]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in North Rhine-Westphalia |North Rhine-Westphalia]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Rhineland-Palatinate |Rhineland-Palatinate]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Saarland |Saarland]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Saxony |Saxony]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Saxony-Anhalt |Saxony-Anhalt]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Schleswig-Holstein |Schleswig-Holstein]] · [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Thuringia |Thuringia]]