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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Title/doc.

Template that allows to display the title of an artwork in both the original language and the user's language. It also boldens the text and tries to adapt font-style to the language (generally adds italics for languages using a latin script)


{{Title |1= |lang= |translation= |en= |es= |et= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 Title in the original language, if relevant. If the "lang" parameter is left void, the template considers the original language to be irrelevant. In this case, you can use internationalization templates like {{Portrait of}} or templates in Category:Multilingual tags: Title within this parameter empty optional
lang ISO code of the original language of the title (if relevant) empty optional
translation translation of the title empty optional
en English translation, displayed the same way as the "translation" parameter (useful when no internationalization template is available for the title) empty optional
es Spanish translation same as 'en'. empty optional
et Estonian translation
and so on for any language code
empty optional

Additional information

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