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SVG [[:File: ]][edit]

Quality issue
Thank you for your submission of image [[:File:|{{{1}}}]].
I have noticed that the SVG you uploaded is poor traced and is now listed in Category: SVG images with poor traced elements. While most submissions are useful, do you think you might be able to supply a better quality version of the same, or similar content? You can either upload an improved version or simply allow the file to be deleted. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me, a member of the Graphic Lab, or the Graphics village pump. Uploading images in SVG format isn't mandatory, but it would help. In all cases, please do not take this message personally. It is never intended as such. Thank you, and happy editing!
Inkscape icons draw path.svg

Usage for files tagged with {{TracedSVG}} only
{{subst:TracedSVG/notify|1=Name of the file.svg}}
Optional is an 2. parameter for the original/source raster graphic
{{subst:TracedSVG/notify|1=Filename.svg|2=Raster graphic.png}}