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This documentation is transcluded from Template:URAA artist/doc.

English: This template may be used in articles and categories of artists whose copyright has expired in their source countries (70 years after their deaths in most European nations, see Wikipedia:Non-U.S. copyrights for details) but whose works were still under copyright on their country's URAA date (usually Jan 1, 1996). For these artists, any works published 1923 or later remain copyrighted in the United States until at least 2018. Commons cannot host works that are not in the public domain in the United States.

A short list of the most commonly affected countries:

  • Author died 1916 to 1937: Columbia, Spain
  • Author died 1926 to 1947: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom
  • Author died 1936 to 1957: Bangladesh, India, Venezuela
  • Author died 1937 to 1947: France (also use {{France wartime extensions URAA}})
  • Author died 1940 to 1947: Italy (also use {{Italy wartime extensions URAA}})
  • Author died 1941 to 1957: India
  • Author died 1946 to 1967: Argentina, Bolivia, Brunei, Canada, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Uruguay
  • Author died 1947 to 1967: Mongolia, Belarus
  • Author died 1948 to 1967: Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam
  • Author died 1949 to 1967: Kazakhstan
  • Author died 1954 to 1967: Cambodia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia
  • Author died 1955 to 1967: Uzbekistan

For many sculptors and architects, Commons:Freedom of panorama permits reproductions of their works if they are installed permanently in public places. However, if a sculptor has this tag, their sculptures published 1923 or later should be tagged with {{Not-free-US-FOP}}.

This template is not a deletion request, only a warning to future uploaders. However, if there are any existing media which violate this (do not meet any of the exceptions listed above), create a deletion request or (if there are multiple) mass deletion request for them.

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{{URAA artist}}

The template takes no parameters.

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