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Note that this template automatically creates a new section when you insert it into the talk page.

Usage: {{subst:unfree|1=File:something.jpg}}

  • You can add the reason as the second parameter, this will show up for users using the english language settings only: {{subst:unfree|1=File:something.jpg|2=can only be used for educational purposes}}


To create a new language version of the information box of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

|header=Image deletion warning
|text={{#if:{{{1|}}}|[[:{{{1}}}]]|A file}} has been marked as violating [[Commons:Licensing|policy]], because it is considered unfree. This image has been, or will be soon deleted. The image {{{2|is licensed under a license that does not permit unlimited redistribution, commercial use or the creation of [[COM:D|derivative works]]}}}. Wikimedia Commons is a [[w:WP:Free content|free]] image repository, which means that unlimited redistribution, commercial use and the creation of derivative work must be allowed. See [[Commons:Licensing]] for more information. If you want to ask permission from the author of the image, please do so using a template from [[Commons:Email templates]]. For images, you may find it useful to read [[Commons:Image casebook]].
{{translated tag|user}} 

The headline of this template is created from the basetemplate and is not internationalized, the headline is the filename if parameter 1 is given or Image deletion notification which is understandable enough and translated again inside the template.