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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Usbk/doc.

This template is used for showing a userbox and its properties in a table row. The only mandatory parameter is userbox name. Wrap {{usbktop}} and {{usbkbottom}} around uses of this template.

{{Usbk|userbox name}}
Include the full userbox name, i.e. prefix it with User:, Template:, or Wikipedia:.
{{Usbk|userbox name|param1|param2}}
For a userbox that uses up to 2 unnamed parameters. If your userbox accepts more parameters, make a request on the talk page to expand this template.
{{Usbk|userbox name|2=param1=value1|3=param2=value2}}
For a userbox set that uses up to 2 named parameters.
{{Usbk|userbox name|category=user category}}
If the userbox adds user pages into a user category under Category:Wikipedians. Do not include the Category: prefix.

Category suppression[edit]

Some userboxes automatically place the page where it is used into a category. These categories are not appropriate for pages such as lists, so some userboxes support a feature to suppress the automatic category. This template invokes category suppression for those userboxes. There are several methods for category suppression, Usbk supports those that use:


The following code...

{{usbk|Template:User Arizona|category=Wikipedians in Arizona}}
{{usbk|User:Patricknoddy/Userboxes/Lives in|Atlanta, Georgia|Flag of the United States.svg}}