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This documentation is transcluded from Template:UserSummary/doc.

Link labels explained

  • Google searches for the username
  • Luxo's is the global contribs tool (also lists blocks)
    • Note: this tool lists no more than 20 contributions per project, and is only as good as replag is small
  • Vvv's lists all wikis with a user, including user groups, edit counts and links to their user page and talk page and the wiki
  • Links are the local pages (maybe not useful? remove them and make room for something better?)
  • meta and enwiki link to (in order) userpage, talk page, contributions, deleted contributions, the user's log entries (ie stuff they did), log entries for the user (ie stuff done to them)
    Note that the arrows there indicate which way the action happened. the left-pointing arrow shows that the user did some action to the logs, and that's what you see when clicking on the left one :)
  • links to meta userpage and links to en userpage will do a special:whatlinkshere on the userpage (does not need to exist). This finds earlier reports or actions of the user.
  • search meta and search en will do a Google search on those sites
  • COIBot -- links to the COIBot user-report (if generated - must be commanded to do so in IRC)
  • search an, ani, cn, an3 -- searches selected noticeboard entries such as w:WP:ANI
  • LinkWatcher -- searches for all external links added to en.wikipedia from early June 2007 onwards
    • Uses http://toolserver.org/~shadow1/cgi-bin/linksearcher.pl
    • Note: This tool sometimes misses link additions
    • This tool also picks up link additions that are reversions of page blanking by vandalism patrollers and anti-vandalism bots, so not every link addition you turn up with this is spamming!
  • enwiki noticeboards searches the archives of the various noticeboards at enwiki


{{UserSummary |1= }}

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The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the User namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users