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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Uw/doc.

User page link, within Commons when user names are trailed with "~commonswiki"
in other wikipedias when user names are trailed with "~××wiki" (×× for the ISO 639 language code)


{{Uw |1= }}

Template parameters

1user name, without the trailing "~commonswiki"emptyrequired
2display name (nick name): may be formattedparam #1optional
3ISO 639 language code; If absent: ~commonswiki emptyoptional
4+ or - to precede the user name with the namespace User:
+ ("plus" sign) to make User: a part of the link,
- ("minus" sign) to precede User: as plain text;

(if both signs are specified, "+" is used and "-" is ignored)

The +/- parameter can as well be specified with parameter 2 or 3.
linkspecify link=no to suppress the linkemptyoptional
more parameters to format the namespace (when "+" or "-" is specified)
» not every possible combination of parameter values is useful «
casefor formatting of the namespace:commonswiki
  • case=l display "user" instead of "User"
  • case=i display the national translation, in general a link
  • case=n display the national translation without linking it
i18nan ISO 639 language code, to follow another translation then yours
when parameter setting is case=i or case=n

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: no namespace specified

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: no user group specified



renders as:


This template is not intended to be localized.

More examples

{{ UwUsername }} gives Username (User:Username~commonswiki)
{{ UwUsernameen }} gives Username (en:User:Username~enwiki)
{{ UwUsername- }} gives User:Username
{{ UwUsername+ }} gives User:Username
{{ UwUsernamecommons- }} gives User:commons
{{ UwUsernameComm~user-link = no }} gives User:‍Comm~user
{{ UwUsernameComm~user-link = nocase = l }} gives user:‍Comm~user
{{ UwUserSpain~useres-case = ii18n = es }} gives usuario:Spain~user

Language code exampless

{{Uw|Willy on Wheels}} gives Willy on Wheels
{{Uw|Willy on Wheels||}} gives Willy on Wheels
{{Uw|Willy on Wheels|WoW}} gives WoW
{{Uw|Willy on Wheels|WoW|}} gives WoW
{{Uw|Willy on Wheels|WoW|et}} gives WoW
{{Uw|Willy on Wheels||et}} gives Willy on Wheels

Table: different displays for {{Uw}} with the namespace option 0
{{ Uwusername }} 0this is the standard username
{{ Uwusername- }} User:username
{{ Uwusername-case = l }} user:username
{{ Uwusername-case = i }} user:username
{{ Uwusername-case = n }} user:username
{{ Uwusername+ }} User:username
{{ Uwusername+case = l }} user:username
{{ Uwusername+case = i }} user:username
{{ Uwusername+case = n }} user:username
{{ Uwusernamelink = n }} ‍username
{{ Uwusername-link = n }} User:‍username
{{ Uwusername-link = ncase = l }} user:‍username
{{ Uwusername-link = ncase = i }} user:‍username
{{ Uwusername-link = ncase = n }} user:‍username
{{ Uwusername+link = n }} User:‍username
{{ Uwusername+link = ncase = l }} user:‍username
{{ Uwusername+link = ncase = i }} user:‍username
{{ Uwusername+link = ncase = n }} user:‍username

[edit ]

User and user talk links

Code Result [1] Shortcut


Username     links to user page


Username     conditional link to contributions page


Username     links to German user page =
{{Ue|Username}} Username     links to English user page (not yet a template) =


‍Username     does not link to user page; no echo function


Username     links to user talk page


Username     trails the given name with "~commonswiki"


Username     links to the talk page of "~commonswiki" user


Username     Lua based list of one or more users {{ Ul }}
WWW Combinations:


Username (talk)Customizable template


Username (talk)


Username (talk · contribs)


:en:Username (talk | contribs) ~


Username (talk · contributions · Statistics)


Username (talk · contributions · Move log · block log · uploads · Abuse filter log {{Vandal}}


Username (talk · contributions · Move log · Statistics · logs · block log)


Username (talk · contributions · user rights management)


Username (talkcontribsblock logfilter log)


Username (talk · contribs · logs · block log)


Username (talk · contributions · deleted user contributions · recent activity · logs · block log · global contribs · CentralAuth)


Username (talk · contribs · count · global contribs)


Username (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log)


Username (talk contribs blocks protections deletions moves rights rights changes) {{ A }}


Username (talk • contribs • rename user • SUL utility)


Username (contribs)


taskscontribscountlogspage moves block user block logflag logglobal contribsflag bot


Username (talk contribs Luxo's SUL deleted contribs logs block user block log )
  1. Interwiki template: Interwiki access (with 3=language code)

Be aware that other templates may use the parameter "editor" or "by" for the same purpose.